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A Way Out of the Wilderness for the GOP

Republicans hold a weak hand in Washington but a stronger grip in states where voters have entrusted them with power. Performances there can boost not just the Republican image but bring the party back to power in Washington. More importantly, they can show conservative principles work. The “Red State Model” can, in the Wall Street Journal’s words, “Drive Republican Revival.”

Walter Russell Meade, one of our most brilliant thinkers, has written quite perceptively about the collapse of what he calls “the blue model.” These are states that have been firmly in the hands of the Democratic Party and their allies (unions-especially public employee unions; special interest groups — environmentalists among them). Together they have created a tax, spend and borrow model of governance that is leading to fiscal chaos. Policies have been adopted that have created a hostile business climate that has cramped growth and blighted the future of the middle class.

–SNIP– And therein lies an opportunity for the Republican Party.

While Barack Obama won re-election and the Senate remains in the hands of the Democrats, voters in 30 states put in power Republican governors, and 25 of those states have legislatures controlled by Republicans. The 2012 election sharpened the partisan divide in America between red states and blue states

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