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Priest conducts Catholic service to name 45 aborted babies found in Gosnell clinic

A Catholic priest presided over a service Thursday to give proper names to the 45 babies whose bodies were found in the West Philadelphia abortion clinic of Dr. Kermit Gosnell. He is charged with killing five people - a patient and four viable babies that prosecutors say were born alive. He has also been charged with performing late-term abortions that violate Pennsylvania’s 24-week limit on the procedure.

Read more By Jennifer Harper at The Washington Times

Romney/Ryan: A Religious Milestone

Four years ago, we Americans did something that not many decades earlier had been considered unthinkable, in electing an African-American to the presidency. That was a milestone, one that even those of us who voted for John McCain could, as I said that very night, take pride in. This year, a ticket with a Mormon and a Catholic on it could make it to the White House. The Mormons and Catholics who were targets of religious bigotry and violence back in the 19th century made a bet on America — that someday America would be truer to its founding principles of tolerance and liberty. They were right: It gets better.

By Michael Potemra at National Review

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