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Wisconsin Victory? Burke’s Firing Confirmed, Final Poll Has Walker Up Seven

And Burke’s PR disaster happened after the poll was taken.

In an interview with Dan O’Donnell of local talk radio station WISN, the account of Mary Burke’s departure from a management role at her family’s company was confirmed in all its essentials by former President and COO Tom Albers.

Mr. Albers confirmed that Burke had performed very poorly as chief of European operations. She caused the loss of an unspecified but substantial amount of revenue to the company, and also caused severe “people problems.” She was even recalled and forced to attend a management meeting at the company’s Wisconsin headquarters, where she was made to apologize for her performance,

She then left the company on her extended snowboarding “sabbatical.” When she rejoined the firm two years later, she was deliberately placed in a position created for her which involved no managerial responsibilities.

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Keep Calm and Vote for Scott Walker


Obama Appears with Walker Opponent, Audience Trickles Out

Will she lose nine points after appearing with Obama, as happened to a Maryland candidate?

One of the more interesting phenomena of this election season: Democratic candidates are distancing themselves from the head of their party and his increasingly dysfunctional administration’s policies. Even incumbents who have voted in relative lock-step with the Obama agenda for the past six years are trying to claim “independence” from that agenda. Alison Lundergan Grimes, running against Mitch McConnell in Kentucky, refused to answer when asked if she voted for Obama in prior elections.

That there can be a price to pay for not maintaining this distance is clear. Only one week after Obama appeared at an event for Maryland Lt. Governor Anthony Brown, who is running for governor against Republican small businessman Larry Hogan, Brown dropped nine points in a Gonzales poll. Previously, Hogan had been trailing by 11 points. The poll showed the race tightening to a toss-up, with Hogan behind by two, well within the margin of error.

Mary Burke in Wisconsin has not followed this trend of avoiding Obama. Last night in Milwaukee, Obama stumped for her at North Division High School in the heart of Milwaukee’s inner city, a district which has reliably voted over 95% Democratic for decades. The event started late, the crowd was relatively thin, and there were reports of shouts and heckling. Members of the heavily African-American crowd began to leave early as Obama was still speaking.

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Priebus: Just a Matter of the ‘Ground Game’ to Push Walker to Re-election

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus said this morning that it’s taking a “sophisticated operation” in Wisconsin to try to push Gov. Scott Walker to re-election.

The latest Real Clear Politics polling average has the race a dead heat, with Walker just 0.2 points ahead of Democratic candidate Mary Burke.

“I think he’s doing well,” Priebus told MSNBC, adding that he thinks Walker will win. “And it’s really a matter of the ground game there.”

“I really think that Scott’s doing great. Here’s the issue with Wisconsin. I think you understand. There’s about 4 percent that are undecided total,” he continued. “It’s like polling that you’ve never seen anywhere in the country. And the other issue is you have both parties in Wisconsin that are about the two best parties in the country as far as turnout.”

“And, you know, that’s why you’re seeing Scott Walker right now on about a 30-city bus tour firing up the base and getting people out to vote.”

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A Time For Choosing Once Again

Did you know that Ronald Reagan started off as a Democrat? Reagan realized that allegiance to true progress is actually found in conservatism.

A Time for Choosing,” Reagan’s 1964 election-time speech defining conservative principles, was one of his finest political speeches. In it, Reagan laid out his central creed:  the belief in freedom and the unique challenge of being an American. He delivered that speech 50 year ago, but the question he posed to his listeners is as simple now as it was then: Shall we accept the opportunity to climb up, or shall we succumb to those unreliable promises that would chain us down?

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Women for Walker Rally on Tue Oct 28

First Lady Tonette Walker
Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch
Rachel Campos Duffy

Tuesday, October 28
8am, arrive by 7:45
Seek Careers/Staffng Inc.
1160 Opportunity Drive


More Dirty Tactics in Wisconsin Governor’s Race

A document dump attempts to create an impression of scandal around Scott Walker, though none exists.

In order to understand the latest turn of events in embattled Wisconsin, it is necessary to review recent history.

Before running for the governorship in 2010, Scott Walker served two terms as Milwaukee County executive. Milwaukee County is a Democratic Party stronghold, one of the three most resolutely Democratic of the state’s 72 counties (the other two: Dane, the seat of state capital Madison and main campus of the University of Wisconsin; and Menomonee, populated almost entirely by Menomonee Indians). In 2009, one of Walker’s staffers reported some apparent financial irregularities to him concerning a veterans’ charity which he ran, and Walker asked the county district attorney to look into them.

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Gov Walker Bus Tour begins Sat Oct 25 at RPMC office in West Allis

To fellow Republicans, Independents, and Undecided voters,

I would like to announce that Governor Walker will kick off his bus tour Saturday October 25th at 8:00 am. at the Republican Party of Milwaukee County office located at 1488 South 84th Street (84th and Greenfield, by State Fair).

Milwaukee County is a pathway to victory for all citizens in the State of Wisconsin by re-electing Governor Walker and Lt. Governor Kleefisch. Republicans in Milwaukee County have given so much of their time, talents and treasures over the years to elect individuals to office that reflect the best interests of all citizens.

The bus tour begins at 8:00 am. at the Republican Party of Milwaukee County office, an office that is open year round. We look forward to you continuing to show your support by coming out to the office on Saturday and giving Governor Walker and the First Lady a great send off on their Moving Wisconsin Forward bus tour. Please consider bringing your friends, neighbors, relatives and undecided voters to hear the Governor address his strategy to continue to move Wisconsin forward the next 4 years. Thank you for everything you do to make the State of Wisconsin a great place to live!

Onward to Victory!

David Karst
Chairman of the Republican Party of Milwaukee County

An Opportunity to Encourage Parents to Vote Their Voucher

Now is the time for Governor Walker to reach out to School Choice families.

There are thousands of families in the Milwaukee and Racine Parental Choice Programs. Across the state other families await School Choice for their scholars. All of these families are concerned about the education of their children and the very thought that these children could be sent back into the chaotic mess of public schools scares them to death. So why isn’t Gov. Walker making the effort to communicate that message loud and clear that Mary Burke would send their children straight back into public schools or limit their access to the schools that have made a terrific impact in their scholars learning?

These families are silent supporters because of the retaliation of supporting School Choice and worse yet a Republican. However, they will vote for Choice and those supporting Choice as well as the expansion of the program. This is why it is so very important Governor Walker use Black Media to reach out to these families to let them know the threat to their children’s access to quality education is very real.

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Lunch Reception for Rep Ken Skowronski with Cong Paul Ryan on Mon Oct 20

Noon to 1:30pm
11:30 A.M. Host photo reception, please contact us for details
12:15 P.M. Lunch Buffet
Program to follow

WG’s Banquet & Entertainment Center
3200 South 103rd Street - Greenfield WI 53227
(South of Oklahoma Avenue)

RSVP by October 13th

Online contributions accepted at:

Ken Skowronski for Assembly
8642 S 116th St
Franklin WI 53132

Questions? Call Ken at (414) 803-5542

1st District Fall Fest on Sat Oct 18

from 1 - 4pm
link to Fall Fest
at Brightonwoods Orchard
1072 288th Ave
Burlington, WI

Confirmed Guest: Cong. Paul Ryan

For more information, contact Kim Travis at 262-607-0681 or at

RPMC Annual Fall Event on Fri Oct 17

Celebrate the debate with fellow Republicans at our annual fall event at Serb Hall.
Emcee: Vicki McKenna, WISN Talk Show Host

Governor Scott Walker

Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch
Senator Ron Johnson
Congressman James Sensenbrenner
Attorney General candidate Brad Schimel
RPW Chair Brad Courtney
State Senator Alberta Darling
State Senator Leah Vukmir
Rep. Rob Hutton
Rep. Dan Knodl
Rep. Mike Kuglitsch
Rep. Jim Ott
Rep. Jessie Rodriguez
Rep. Joe Sanfelippo
Rep. Ken Skowronski

Serb Hall, 5101 W Oklahoma Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53219
Social Hour at 6:00 PM, Dinner at 7:00 PM

Registration Options:
$20.00 student/senior citizen
$40.00 single, member - $50 single, non - member
$80.00 couple member, $100 couple non member
Sign up online at
or mail payment to:
Republican Party of Milwaukee County
P.O. Box 14665
West Allis, WI 53214

Early Bird reservations end on October 14th. Thereafter it is $55. per person.

SRWC Event on Thu Oct 16

SPEAKERs: Kirsten Lombard (Ph.D., Publisher, Editor) and Glenn Grothman (WI Senator and Congressional Candidate)

Kirsten will bring copies and talk about her new book: Common Ground on Common Core: Voices from across the Political Spectrum Expose the Realities of the Common Core State Standards Kirsten is always dynamic and informative!! And if you’ve heard Glenn before, you know he is, too! This is a great opportunity to ask lots of questions.

AT: The Town Club Fox Point

Bring your cash and festive spirit, because in addition to the book, we’ll have a holiday table with gifts of rings ($49 - incl a $10 donation to our club) and a crystal elephant ($59 incl a $12 donation to our club). Donations help us cover speaker lunches, etc.!

RSVP by reply email at , or call 414-352-2290
Invite your friends!

Craig for Assembly Rally/Fundraiser on Wed Oct 15

at 7:00pm

Join Radio Host VICKI MCKENNA and Senator LEAH VUKMIR
$25 per person/$40 couple
Great Hors d’oeuvres/cash bar

Gus’ Mexican Cantina
6520 S Lovers Lane Rd, Franklin, Wisconsin 53132

The Financial Crisis Was Foreseeable … Thousands of Years Ago

Economists, Military Strategists and Others Warned Us … Long Ago

We’ve known for 4,000 years that debts need to be periodically written down, or the entire economy will collapse. And see this.

We’ve known for 2,500 years that prolonged war bankrupts an economy.

We’ve known for 1,900 years that rampant inequality destroys societies.

We’ve known for thousands of years that debasing currencies leads to economic collapse.

We’ve known for hundreds of years that the failure to punish financial fraud destroys economies, as it destroys all trust in the financial system.

We’ve known for hundreds of years that monopolies and the political influence which accompanies too much power in too few hands is dangerous for free markets.


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