Milwaukee Sheriff Clarke on Firearms Freedom

The following is from Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke, Jr. via Nik Clark, of Wisconsin Carry Inc.:

Shame on liberals for exploiting tragedy once again in our country and try to use tragedy as a reason to take our rights away.  Liberals are shameful.

We have to resist with the ferociousness of a junk yard dog, any, any attempt by liberals to make us less free by chipping away at our constitutional freedoms.  The second amendment is as sacred a right as is first amendment or any other amendment.  I’ll be willing to have a conversation with liberals about gun control in the same conversation we should have about whether government should restrict our first amendment right or how about whether we should scale back our fourth amendment rights, how about restricting our 14th amendment due process rights?  Let’s have a debate about the second amendment in that same conversation.  Then let’s see what the left has to say about restricting our freedoms.

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