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The Federal Government Secedes from Arizona

Has anyone noticed the federal government has seceded from Arizona?

Apparently, the state no longer belongs to the Union.

In an action bizarrely the reverse of South Carolina’s secession from the Union in December of 1860, the Department of Home security has suspended its existing agreements with Arizona law enforcement, essentially declaring the state an outlaw entity.

Arizona is on its own.



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The last time health care was repealed

The drive to “repeal and replace” the newly enacted health care-reform law has already bumped into a bit of Beltway conventional wisdom: Entitlements are never repealed. Even if Republicans somehow summoned the political will to try, they would first need to win the presidency and a filibuster-proof majority in the U.S. Senate.

That would be a tall order, to be sure. And no one should underestimate the difficulty of reversing what Washington has wrought—in a welfare state, the ratchet effect usually works only one way. But those who say it has never been done before are forgetting about the Medicare Catastrophic Coverage Act of 1988.

Unlike President Obama’s recent health care handiwork, the 1988 law was a genuinely bipartisan achievement passed by lopsided margins. It was signed into law by a Republican president, Ronald Reagan. It offered all kinds of new benefits, including expanded coverage of hospital stays, at-home care, and prescription drugs (the act was in some respects of a forerunner of Medicare Part D).

The Medicare Catastrophic Coverage Act was nevertheless repealed a year later. No change in partisan control of Washington was necessary—the repeal was passed by a Democratic Congress and signed into law by another Republican president, George H.W. Bush. The repeal turned out to be most popular with the elderly voters who had demanded the new benefits in the first place.

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Our National Debt

At least our state budget is getting better. Thanks Governor Walker!

A Wisconsin plan for Illinois?

By Scott Walker

June 29, 2012

All too often political leaders have been afraid to tell the truth about the costs associated with pension, health care and other entitlement obligations. It is time for politicians to own up to these fiscal challenges.

As is the case in Illinois, the truth is often sobering. I know the feeling. When I became governor in Wisconsin, the state faced a $3.6 billion deficit, was hemorrhaging jobs and had high unemployment.

While I’m not an expert on the fiscal challenges facing Illinois, based on media reports I’ve read and stories I’ve heard from visiting your state, there are major budgetary issues that need to be resolved. Illinois faces a fiscal and economic crisis.

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To defeat Obama in 2012 tell the story of Chicago’s decline

Here is my advice to anyone looking to defeat President Obama on November 6th — Forget Kenya. Where Obama was born (or not born) is just not of interest to most Americans. Mainstream voters just don’t care. They don’t see the significance. So be it. But there’s a place much more damaging to the Obama legacy anyway.

It’s called Chicago.

Therein lies the heart of the story that defeats Obama. Chicago is like Kryponite to Obama. It is poison to the story that Obama paints of hope and change. Because the Windy City itself is in decay and collapse. Not just economically, but morally. It is descending into the violence and poverty of a third world nation.

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Obama Immigration Pander Costing Him Support of White Democrats

PPP, a democrat-leaning polling firm, is out today with a new poll of Ohio, a critical battleground this Fall. The top-line number getting the most attention is Obama’s erosion of support over the past month. A month ago, Obama led Romney by 7. Today’s poll shows the lead has fallen to just 3 and Obama remains below the important 50% threshold. Perhaps more interesting in today’s poll, though, is the sharp drop-off in Obama’s support among white Democrats.

Last month, Obama led among white Democrats 89-6. Today, his lead is down to 78-16. A twenty-point swing in one month is a big shift. The corrupt media will no doubt suggest this has something to do with race. But, remember, they were giving Obama around 90% of their support a month ago. A huge swath of white Democrats didn’t suddenly become racists this month. Whether its the continued sluggishness in the economy, the renewed focus on ObamaCare or the Fast & Furious scandal, something is definitely eroding Obama’s support with a significant portion of his base.

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On Reason TV, Andrew Ferguson Discusses the Parasite Economy of Washington DC

Back in February, I posted this startling map showing that 10 of America’s 15-richest counties are the bedroom communities surrounding Washington, DC.

There’s a lot of money in Washington because federal bureaucrats are wildly overpaid, as I document in this video, and also because there is a huge shadow workforce of contractors, consultants, and lobbyists who have their snouts buried deeply in the public trough.

In an interview for Reason TV, Andy Ferguson talks about how these well-paid parasites have created a bubble economy in Washington.

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West Allis GOP Branch Mtg on Thur June 28

Time 7:00 pm at the RPMC HQ on 1488 S. 84th Street.

This Thursday, June 28th is the date for our monthly branch meeting.

Let’s all get together and bask in the glow of the Walker victory.
And then start thinking about the upcoming fall campaign.
Who are you supporting for U.S. Senator?

Former TV Producer: “I’m Done” Denying Liberal Bias

Former CBS writer/producer Greg Kandra, now a blogger and Catholic deacon, took to his website to criticize MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell for her non-apology over the controversial editing of Mitt Romney‘s WaWa comments. Critics contend that the edit purposely made Romney look out-of-touch when he was really marveling at the distinction between private sector innovation and public sector stagnation.

–SNIP– Kandra wrote:

I’m tired. Truly. I’ve grown weary of trying to defend the indefensible and explain the inexplicable. For years, people have stomped their feet and pounded their fists and snorted “Liberal media bias!” and I’ve always tut-tutted and shooshed them and said, “No, no. Calm down. They meant well. It was just a misunderstanding. A mistake. These things happen.” I spent over 25 years working in the oft-reviled Mainstream Media and I saw up close and personal how the sausage was made. I knew the people who wielded the knives and wore the aprons, and could vouch (most of the time, anyway) for their good intentions.

But now?

Forget it. I’m done. You deserve what they’re saying about you. It’s earned. You have worked long and hard to merit the suspicion, acrimony, mistrust and revulsion that the media-buying public increasingly heaps upon you. You have successfully eroded any confidence, dispelled any trust, and driven your audience into the arms of the Internet and the blogosphere, where biases are affirmed and like-minded people can tell each other what they hold to be true, since nobody believes in objective reality any more. You have done a superlative job of diminishing what was once a great profession and undermining one of the vital underpinnings of democracy, a free press.

Good job.

I just have one question:

What the hell is wrong with you guys?

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If We Took the Constitution Seriously, Obama Would Be Impeached

If the citizens of this Republic still took the Constitution seriously, Obama would be impeached for his decision to unilaterally grant amnesty to certain illegal aliens.

Article 1, Sec. 8 of the Constitution, which enumerates the power of Congress, states that “Congress shall have the Power To… establish an [sic] uniform Rule of Naturalization.” Congress has passed numerous laws pertaining to immigration and naturalization, including laws requiring the deportation of illegals.

The role of the President, according to Article II, Sec. 3, is to “take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed.” Obama’s refusal to execute Congress’s immigration laws (or, for that matter, Congress’s Defense of Marriage Act) is an impeachable offense. Article II, Sec. 4 states that the President “shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for… Treason, Bribery, or other High Crimes and Misdemeanors.” The deliberate failure to enforce valid immigration law and allow hordes of foreigners to live and work in the U.S. is, arguably, “treason,” and doing so in an election year to appease Hispanic voters could certainly be considered “bribery.”

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German official: Obama should get his own debt under control before handing out free advice

In a not-so-subtle rebuke of President Obama’s tendency to offer unsolicited recommendations on how Europeans should handle their debt crises on Sunday evening, Germany’s finance minister suggested that perhaps His Munificence should focus on his own problems before trying to fix everybody else’s.

Wolfgang Schaeuble told public broadcaster ZDF in an interview late Sunday that “people are always very quick at giving others advice.”

He says: “Mr. Obama should first of all take care of reducing the American deficit, which is higher than in the eurozone.”

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White House A Sore Winner On Arizona Ruling

–SNIP– But after the Obama administration and its media allies crowed that the court ruling was a win, their fury over their loss on the one provision became obvious.

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano announced that the administration would cut off ties to Arizona’s police and end provisions of seven 287(g) task force agreements that gave some Arizona police agencies powers to enforce immigration laws.

The vindictive, disproportionate response effectively isolates the state in terms of being far more stringent than anything the administration has inflicted on Burma, North Korea or Iran.

–SNIP– It goes to show that the court ruling was never a question of federal law trumping state law, as the administration has spun its argument in court, but of election-year pandering for the Latino vote.

The whole federal conflict with Arizona has come about not because Arizona wanted to make its own laws contradicting federal law, but because it wanted to enforce federal laws itself.

What does it say about the Obama administration’s priorities that it effectively scraps its sworn pledge to uphold the law, usurps the legislative function by ignoring federal laws, punishes those who comply and puts its own re-election first?

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Call Holder! Obama Demands ID for Rally Entrances

At a recent Obama rally in Ohio, prospective attendees were told to brandish their photo IDs if they expected admittance to the rally. No word yet on whether Attorney General Eric Holder plans to file suit against the Obama campaign for infringing upon Ohioans’ right of peaceful assembly by way of a racist photo ID rule.

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Meet & Greet/Birthday Celebration with Dan Sebring on Tue June 26

from 6pm – 9pm
Astor Hotel, 924 E. Juneau Ave, Milwaukee WI

Join Dan Sebring, Republican candidate In Wisconsin’s 4th Congressional District for a birthday celebration/meet and greet at the Astor Hotel. Requested general donation is $30 per person and includes 2 Sprecher beers or house wines, appetizers and raffle drawing. Additional beers and house wine will be available for $3.00 each.

Invited speakers include: WI Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch, Assemblyman Dan Knodl, Milw. County Supervisor/State Assembly Candidate Joe Sanfelippo, State Senator Alberta Darling, WI State Senator Leah Vukmir, U.S. Senate candidate Mark Neumann.

Event Host is $100.

Help Dan Sebring defeat Gwen Moore in November, and bring a true conservative voice back to Wisconsin’s 4th Congressional District!

For more information on Dan, please visit
Call (414) 321-3605 or email with questions.

Why ‘Fast and Furious’ matters

Hundreds of people died because of the operation, but no one takes responsibility

Pssst — heard the one about the lethal scandal that reaches to the upper levels of the Obama administration and may turn out to be bigger than Watergate? A crime in which two American agents have been killed, and which the Justice Department has been furiously trying to cover up for more than 18 months?

If you answered “no,” you’re not alone. The mainstream media have largely ignored the lethal — and most likely deliberate — “gunwalking” operation known as Fast and Furious. The plan, as ridiculous as it sounds, was to knowingly sell weapons to Mexican drug cartels, in hopes of tracing the guns. Of course, our government lost track of them.

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