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Walker-Barrett debate tonight

Thur May 31 - hosted by Mike Gousha of  “UpFront with Mike Gousha”

US citizens now one step closer to becoming permanent tax slaves

This week, the universally stupid brainchild of US Senators Chuck Schumer and Bob Casey known as the Ex-PATRIOT Act inched a bit closer towards becoming law.

‘Ex-PATRIOT’ is an absurd acronym that stands for “Expatriation Prevention by Abolishing Tax-Related Incentives for Offshore Tenancy”. I call it the Tax Slave Act… and it proposes three key provisions:

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Birth Certificate Whac-A-Mole: Find the errors in the birth certificate

Would you like to play a neat parlor game with your friends? Barack Obama’s long-form birth certificate forgery contains so many forger’s errors which are visible to the naked eye or which can be seen on your computer under slight magnification that you can play a fun game finding them, either alone or in a contest with your friends. It’s similar to the arcade game Whac-A-Mole, where you pound a mechanical mole back into its hole before it disappears on its own and randomly reappears in another one of the five holes in the game. You can score by time per defect — five points for each one found within two minutes, for example — or by total score — five points for each defect for the length of the game. (Note: Conservatives will generally spot these defects more quickly than liberals do.)

To see these defects, we need to use the digital PDF of the forgery released at (You can download your copy from here.)

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Romney Says Win Secures GOP Nod

Texas Primary Is Said to Give Ex-Governor Enough Delegates as General-Election Campaign Rolls On

According to a tally by the Associated Press, Tuesday’s win in Texas puts Mr. Romney over the threshold of 1,144 delegates needed for the nomination.

“I am honored that Americans across the country have given their support to my candidacy and I am humbled to have won enough delegates” to be the GOP nominee, Mr. Romney said in a statement.

According to a tally by the Associated Press, Tuesday’s win in Texas puts Mr. Romney over the threshold of 1,144 delegates needed for the nomination.

With 99% of precincts reporting in Texas, Mr. Romney had 69% of the vote, compared with 12% for Rep. Ron Paul.

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Barrett Facts

* Milwaukee’s Property taxes have increased by $48 million
* Spending increased in Milwaukee by more than $338 million
* Milwaukee’s unemployment rates increased to 27%
* Milwaukee is the 9th poorest city in America and ranks one of the worst major cities for unemployment and education

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NV City May Declare a ‘Fiscal Emergency’ to Void Union Contracts

When cities declare emergencies, the reason is generally a natural disaster of one kind of another — tornado, flood, fire — or at the very least a man-made event that puts people in imminent physical danger, like a riot. But officials in the town of North Las Vegas are looking to use a law designed for those sorts of emergencies to address its fiscal crisis.

According to the Associated Press and the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the city council in North Las Vegas — a municipality of some 200,000 residents located to the north and east of the gambling mecca, and the fourth largest city in Nevada – will vote this week on a proposal by City Manager Tim Hacker that would declare the town a financial disaster area. If it passes, the move would allow the city to void union contracts. But more importantly, it could set a precedent for other cities to do the same.

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Thank you Scott Walker for saving Wisconsin from bankruptcy!

Media suppression of the news

Where is the outrage?

Information of at least some and possibly great importance to the public was suppressed.

An elite selected who would be privy to that information and when the sharing would take place. As a result, decisions that people regret were made and cannot now be reversed.

A reason for outrage?

Apparently yes, if the situation is profit projections for Facebook, which were provided to key investors but withheld from most buyers of the now famously disappointing IPO.

But definitely not with regards to the facts about the shameful private life of John Edwards. Some journalists had key facts about the Edwards for months and perhaps more than a year before disclosing them to the public.

Many people supported Edwards, donated to him, or didn’t support Hillary in a crucial stretch of 2007-2008 because the truth about Edwards wasn’t known to the public. Do we know when journalists actually came to believe the truth but didn’t run it?

Where, to quote Bob Dole, is the outrage? Shouldn’t there be at least as much outrage as is showing up in the aftermath of the Facebook face plant?

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Walker Facts

* Walker balanced a $3.6 billion budget deficit without raising taxes
* Wisconsin now has the lowest property taxes since 2008
* Over 30,000 jobs have been created in Wisconsin since Governor Walker took office
* Wisconsin is projecting a $150 million surplus under Governor Walker

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Obama ducks calls to release his collegiate transcripts

When President Obama gave the commencement address last week at the Air Force Academy, he congratulated the cadets for excelling at one of the most demanding schools in the country.

But decades after Mr. Obama completed his own college course work, his academic performance is still a mystery. Before and after his election as president, Mr. Obama has refused to release his college transcripts from his days as an undergraduate and a law school student.

Most presidents’ academic records are made public by the time they reach the highest office in the land, either with their consent or by someone else digging them up.

–SNIP– But whenever Team Obama is asked about the president’s college performance, officials dodge the question, obviously with Mr. Obama’s blessing.

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When the looter is the government

Russ Caswell, 68, is bewildered: “What country are we in?” He and his wife, Pat, are ensnared in a Kafkaesque nightmare unfolding in Orwellian language.

This town’s police department is conniving with the federal government to circumvent Massachusetts law — which is less permissive than federal law — to seize his livelihood and retirement asset. In the lawsuit titled United States of America v. 434 Main Street, Tewksbury, Massachusetts, the government is suing an inanimate object, the motel Caswell’s father built in 1955. The U.S. Department of Justice intends to seize it, sell it for perhaps $1.5 million and give up to 80 percent of that to the Tewksbury Police Department, whose budget is just $5.5 million. The Caswells have not been charged with, let alone convicted of, a crime. They are being persecuted by two governments eager to profit from what is antiseptically called the “equitable sharing” of the fruits of civil forfeiture, a process of government enrichment that often is indistinguishable from robbery.

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Election Day is 7 days away

Volunteer today for @GovWalker @Rebeccaforreal

Scott Walker for Wisconsin Governor

Rebecca Kleefisch for WI Lieutenant Governor

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The Party of Civil Rights

This magazine (National Review) has long specialized in debunking pernicious political myths, and Jonah Goldberg has now provided an illuminating catalogue of tyrannical clichés, but worse than the myth and the cliché is the outright lie, the utter fabrication with malice aforethought, and my nominee for the worst of them is the popular but indefensible belief that the two major U.S. political parties somehow “switched places” vis-à-vis protecting the rights of black Americans, a development believed to be roughly concurrent with the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act and the rise of Richard Nixon. That Republicans have let Democrats get away with this mountebankery is a symptom of their political fecklessness, and in letting them get away with it the GOP has allowed itself to be cut off rhetorically from a pantheon of Republican political heroes, from Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass to Susan B. Anthony, who represent an expression of conservative ideals as true and relevant today as it was in the 19th century. Perhaps even worse, the Democrats have been allowed to rhetorically bury their Bull Connors, their longstanding affiliation with the Ku Klux Klan, and their pitiless opposition to practically every major piece of civil-rights legislation for a century. Republicans may not be able to make significant inroads among black voters in the coming elections, but they would do well to demolish this myth nonetheless.

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Memorial Day

We honor the sacrifice of those who died for this country.

The real curse of the Kennedys

It’s their treatment of women

Along with their waning power, wealth, privilege and prestige, here’s another element of the Camelot mystique that needs to be extinguished: the myth of “The Kennedy Curse.” It’s almost a reflexive national reaction when we hear of yet another Kennedy dying too young, so of course it was invoked again last week, when news broke that Mary Richardson Kennedy, the estranged 52-year-old wife of Robert Kennedy Jr., had hung herself in her barn on Wednesday. A curse, however, implies supernatural intervention by vengeful gods jealous of mortal youth, beauty, brilliance.

Let’s just call it what it is: the natural fallout when you’re a member of a family riddled with entitled, underachieving drunks, drug addicts and adulterers, whose treatment of women is historically deplorable.

It’s a top-down mentality that began in the 1920s, with patriarch Joe. Leaving aside his other character flaws — running with gangsters, espousing racist and anti- Semitic beliefs, buying his son’s presidential election — Joe was such a callous philanderer that he often brought his mistress, actress Gloria Swanson, home to dinner with his wife, Rose.

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